Team Rotokiller exhibited at the 2003 E3 Expo Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 1-16, introducing the new RTR-720 Mark II Rotary Grip Gaming Mouse. We had a GREAT time, with tons of attention and interest including several TV interviews. We'll link these to the site when they are available. :) We're looking forward to a lot of email and discussion with folks we talked to from all parts of the gaming world! Not only gamers, but game animators and artists who showed up at the booth, liked the cool finger controlled RTR-720 design which they compared to a "fat pencil."

Click here for all of our wild adventures at this year's E3, with tons of guest appearances.


Here is the new press release for the RTR-720 Mark 2. Click here for press release


The Survey results are in!!!

Here is the results from the survey taken by the hundreds of people that visited the booth at E3 this year:


What are the top 3 FPS on the market today?


#1. Unreal Tournament 2003

 #2. Counterstrike

#3. Quake 3 Arena

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New Improved Windows Drivers Set
Now Available for download are a new and improved set of drivers for Windows 98, ME, 2K and XP. The drivers were developed by Walter Oney, the man who wrote the book on Windows drivers for Microsoft. Click here for new drivers.

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